Friday, May 17, 2013

Think Back Thursday (on Friday)

My husband and I have been married 34 years tomorrow.  33 years ago the U.S. Air Force stationed us in Tucson, Arizona. Last week we had an opportunity to return to Arizona and visit our old "stomin' grounds"!

When we first arrived in Arizona in 1979, there was not space on base for us to live. We did a quick hunt and found, near base, an apartment on Golf Links that we could afford. It had two bedrooms. And no dish washer!  It was the upstairs apartment. Here is what that apartment looks like now:
We lived there two months, and then the Air Force found a house for us on Davis Monthan Air Force Base. We got to go see what that house looks like now as well. Here it is:
 When we lived there it had a lawn. Oh, well, xeroscaping eliminates the need for watering and mowing. It is actually the left side of a duplex:
 That concludes our flash back to the past! Hope you enjoyed your tour.

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