Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Somebody had a birthday!

So I mentioned in my last post that someone had a birthday. When I can, I like to use birthdays for a photo review.

One year, on Thanksgiving Day, a son was born!

He was the youngest of three, and we love our little guy!

You can see there is quite a gap between #1 and #3 - thirteen years!

The years rolled by so quickly, it seems.

#1 graduated from homeschool and left home to attend college. #2 was almost finished with homeschool when #3 started home kindergarten.

#2 attended a private school for senior year, so when #3 was in 1st Grade I was homeschooling a "Lonely only"!






So #3 had a birthday! One more year of "childhood". He'll be 18 most of his senior year. On Thursday we did one more family photo - only mom, dad and #3.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Menu Monday for 11/28/16

We had Thanksgiving Dinner at my adult daughter's this year (first time ever!), and she and her hubby did a great job! 

We took stuffing and sweet potatoes to contribute to the meal. The downside is that we have no leftover turkey to eat now, so hubby went out and bought a small turkey, which I cooked Sunday. Here's a new family photo including daughter and son-in-law:

I've completed six weeks with Jenny Craig. I'm eating mostly my own paleo meals now, but am still eating some Jenny Craig stuff (mostly mid-morning "Anytime Bars" and evening snacks) and daily milk-based protein shakes (which protein powder I already bought, so I'm going to use it before I transfer to a non-milk-based protein powder). So my menu plan is primarily paleo (for me) with non-paleo items added for my non-paleo family members.

So far I've lost 7.8 pounds since I started Jenny Craig. Their main benefit to me now is the accountability, since I'll be better "behaved" each week when I know I'll be weighing in and checking in with someone each week on Friday. I went off plan this week for someone's birthday! First time since I started. So I'll have to see Friday if I still manage to lose weight this week.

Here's this week's plan:

Saturday (11/26):  Pizza (Jenny Craig meal)

Sunday (11/27): Turkey, leftover stuffing and sweet potatoes, gravy, green beans

Monday (11/28)(Boy Scouts PLC):  Hot Dogs on buns, baked beans, mixed vegs (meat or JC meal and carrots)

Tuesday (11/29):  pan seared scallops, asparagus, rice pilaf

Wednesday (11/30): hot turkey sandwiches, broccoli florets

Thursday (12/1): chicken Caesar salad, TX toast

Friday (12/2) (Care Group): boneless pork chops, steamed zucchini, macaroni & cheese

Saturday (12/3): Pot roast with potatoes, carrots, celery and onion, rolls

Monday, November 21, 2016

Menu Monday for 11/21/16

I am finally catching up and posting my "Menu Monday" on Monday!

I have now completed five weeks of Jenny Craig. Not liking how processed their food is, I have been working to gradually substitute my own foods for their processed selections. I have lost six pounds since I started.

My standard breakfast is a spinach scramble -- about 1 cup of organic spinach sauteed in scant coconut oil, then two eggs added and scrambled. For lunch I always start with a big bowl (think of a serving bowl at the dinner table). I add to that a main dish, maybe a can of tuna or chicken, or a scoop of leftover dinner like chili over the salad, or a bowl of soup on the side. Dinners I eat a large amount of salad with 2-4 ounces of meat on the side.

Anyway, here's my main family plan for this week. On a night like Monday night, when I planned grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, I eat leftovers of a Jenny Craig meal.

Saturday (11/19):  leftovers

Sunday (11/20): rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans

Monday (11/21)(Boy Scouts):  grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato soup

Tuesday (11/22):  crock macaroni beef bake, carrots

Wednesday (11/23): ravioli, salad, TX toast

Thursday (11/24)(Thanksgiving): turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, salad.

Friday (11/25):  ribs, cole slaw, rolls

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Menu Monday for 11/14/16

Wow! Week'a almost over and I didn't post my menu plan! Sorry about that...

So here's my weekly update and menu plan. I have completed four weeks on Jenny Craig and I only lost ounces in week 4. On to week 5!

Here's my menu plan for my family for this week.

Saturday (11/12): pizza

Sunday (11/13):  Longhorn Steakhouse

Monday (11/14)(Boy Scouts):  lasagna, salad, TX Toast

Tuesday (11/15):  chicken cacciatore (p 125), cooked carrots, French baguette

Wednesday (11/16): Chili, Salad, corn bread

Thursday (11/17)(CAP): lemon chicken, rice, broccoli

Friday (11/18):  beef vegetable soup, salad, bread

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Menu Monday for 11/7/16

So here's my weekly update and menu plan. I have completed three weeks on Jenny Craig and I have lost 5.4 pounds -- very satisfying to have lost this weight!

Here's my menu plan for my family for this week.

Saturday: Ravioli, salad, garlic gread sticks
Sunday: ribs, rice, salad
Monday: chicken Caesar salad
Tuesday: hot dogs, beans, sour kraut
Wednesday: tacos
Thursday: leftovers (or pan fried chicken breast, rice and green beans)
Friday: On the road - dinner out

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Menu Monday for 10/31/16

Running late again. Sorry! So, here's my menu plan for my family for this week. I am still eating Jenny Craig meals this week. I've been on Jenny Craig two weeks and have lost 3 1/2 pounds so far.

Saturday (10/29):  chicken pepper skillet, fettucini

Sunday (10/30):  cheeseburgers, California blend

Monday (10/31):  BLT sandwiches, milk shakes

Tuesday (11/1):  orange glazed turkey cutlets, sweet potato, spinach

Wednesday (11/2): Baked Ziti, salad, TX toast

Thursday (11/3)(CAP): baked stuffed potatoes

Friday (11/4):  Dinner at Care Group