Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My FlyLady Days

Summer is coming to a close, and some of my responsibilities that have been distriacting me outside of my home as well.  My (deceased) mom’s house is finally fixed, cleaned, and on the market. Renovations to my own house are (almost) finished. Time to et back into the swing of things.
Trying to work towards a more normal working schedule for my home and homeschool.
Flylady Mondays include:
  • dust all surfaces
  • sweep/mop/vacuum
  • empty all trashes;
  • change sheets
  • clean mirrors, sliding door, major windows,
  • declutter weekly periodicals
…need to check and see if that is all.  Then there are the Flylady "daily"s. 
Morning routine:
  • make bed(s)
  • morning shower and such; swish and swipe bathroom;
  • feed the critturs;
  • start the coffee; make the breakfast;
  • unload dishwasher, breakfast, vitamins. Check calendar;
  • eat the breakfast; quiet time; then rouse, feed, and do Bible time with my boy;
  • a load of laundry started;
Later in the day routine:
  • Look at or create "To Do" list;
  • homeschool;
  • hit the hot spots (load the breakfast dishes; clear "hot spot" surfaces;
  • lunch and recess break/ email, phone calls;
  • homeschool in afternoon/ any appointments for the day
After homeschool:
  • Clean up school area;
  • make sure everything’s on hand for dinner;
  • some mom "craft time"
  • start dinner
Bedtime routine:
  • Leave kitchen clean with dishes loaded, dwasher running, coffee set up, counters wiped, sink shined;
  • brush teeth, get dressed for bed;
  • snuggle in and read, or do computer or watch movie while knitting or crocheting.
So, anyway, I got the sheets changed. I had to major clean my bathroom, because it had been ages… I pretty much have to dry mop the hardwood every day because of the dogs. I’ve been able to keep up with the dishwasher and coffee every night, but still need to remember to wipe down surfaces.

Majorly, I have boxes to unpack and declutter.  We had hardwood put in last week, and everthing was boxed and removed from the rooms. Now the boxes need to be unpacked. Realistically, a lot of the stuff that got packed needs to be thrown away, given away, or put away. In other words, when we packed up there were piles that should have been dealt with that were just packed. Now they need to be dealt with.

Anyway, time to get on with my day. I got the breakfast/coffee part done, but not the bed made part, nor the shower, nor the quiet time, nor the dishwasher, etc. Gotta get moving.