Monday, February 19, 2018

Menu Monday for 2/19/18

New week, new meal plan. Here are the dinner plans:


Saturday (2/17):
Ham steak, scalloped potatoes, spinach

Sunday (2/18):
Chicken Caesar Salad, TX toast

Monday (2/19) (Committee mtg):
Tacos/taco salad

Tuesday (2/20):
Chicken broccoli farfalle

Wednesday (2/21):
Brisket, potatoes, carrots

Thursday (2/22):
Hot dogs/rolls, baked beans, potato chips

Friday (2/23)
Spaghetti/sauce, meatballs, salad, TX toast


Monday, February 12, 2018

Menu Monday for 2/12/18

This week in menu plans I feel I've chosen "well organized" over "healthy". I've got energy to make meals again, but I wasn't feeling particularly inspired during the planning phase. Well, these meals aren't the worst we've eaten, just not what I consider the healthiest. Here are the plans:

Saturday (2/10):
Cheesy corn casserole (p. 71 OAMC), beets, muffins

Sunday (2/11):
Orange thyme crock pot chicken, steamed green beans (p. 135 Saving Dinner), rice
Monday (2/12) (Troop mtg):
Slow Cooker Korean Beef, rice, broccoli

Tuesday (2/13) (CAP Mtg):
Ravioli soup (p. 67 OAMC), salad, bread

Wednesday (2/14):
Special Valentine's Day plans! <3 br="">

Thursday (2/15) (CAP Mtg):
Stove top barbecue chicken (page 56, OAMC), noodles, zucchini

Friday (2/16)
Dinner out

Saturday (2/17):
Ham steak, scalloped potatoes, spinach

Monday, February 5, 2018

Menu Monday for 2/5/18

I am finally completely healthy from my sickness. I am still regaining my strength, though. Today's menu plan reflects a combination of some easier menus and some labor-intensive menus. I am not up to doing labor-intensive meals every night. Saturday's chili was from a bag of chili in the freezer. Just making the salad and the cornbread would have wiped me out a couple of days ago, but it was okay on Saturday. Yay! I'm getting stronger!

Here are the plans:

Saturday (2/3):
Chili (from freezer), salad, corn muffins

Sunday (2/4):
New York strip steak, salad, baked potatoes

Monday (2/5) (Troop COH):

Tuesday (2/5):
Chicken cacciatori, noodles, salad

Wednesday (2/7):
Mongolian beef, rice, broccoli

Thursday (2/8):
Salmon, yam, green beans

Friday (2/9)
Dinner out