Monday, March 19, 2018

Menu Plan Monday for 3/19/18

This week is a light week for me cooking-wise. On Saturday hubby was at a men's retreat, so son and I got subs. On Wednesday night son and hubby are out for a class, so I'm eating leftovers. On Friday hubby and I have date night. So I only had to plan four meals. I went for easy meals this week. Here's the plan:

Saturday (3/17): Dinner out

Sunday (3/18):  chicken Caesar salad, TX toast

Monday (3/19):  Grilled cheese, tomato soup

Tuesday (3/20):  ravioli, salad, TX toast

Wednesday (3/20): leftovers

Thursday (3/21)(CAP):  Parmesan Chicken, riced cauliflower, Broccoli

Friday (3/27):  dinner out

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Crafting Lately

Since February I have been working to finish up some craft projects that have been sitting in my "WIP" stash ("Works in Progress"). I have been making pot holders, pillow cases and hats. I posted a tutorial on the potholders.
The hat is done in double crochet. This hat is made with a very thick yarn that I salvaged from another project someone else had done that I didn't think would really be practical. The hat is done in rounds:

R1: C4; 11 dc in 1st c; slip stitch in 4th c at beginning chain to connect round 1 (12 dc in round 1)

R2: c3; dc in same c; 2 dc in each remaining dc of r 1. ss to close r2 (24 dc in r 2)

R3: c3; 2 dc in next dc; 1 dc in next dc. Continue to alternate 2 dc, 1 dc to end of round; ss to close r3 (36 dc in r3) 

R4: c3; dc in next dc; 2 dc in next dc. Continue to alternate 1dc, 1dc, 2dc to end of round; ss to close r4 (48dc in r4)

R5  - R11: c 3; dc in each dc to end of round; ss to close round (48 dc each round till 11 rounds are completed).

End on last and tuck in tails.

You can do this hat with any size crochet hook. A size F hook with standard yarn gives a hat sized for a baby. I used a larger hook because the yarn is so thick. I used a hook only marked in metric: 5.5 - A Google search for a conversion chart tells me that is a size I hook (as in H-I-J-K).

I made 31 pillow cases so far. I have about five more cut out.

I also made 12 potholders.


The potholders and pillow cases go to my quilting group. They will be sold to get money for more fabric and batting for our quilts (Quilts of Valor and Quilts for Kids).

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the projects I have been working on this month. Have you been working on any projects? Or have I inspired you to do some craft work now? Leave me a comment below.
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Monday, March 12, 2018

Menu Plan for 3/12/18

Here are my menu plans for this week:

Saturday (3/10)
spinach pie, salad, muffins

Sunday (3/11):
Spaghetti, meatballs, salad, TX toast

Monday (3/12):
Steak, potatoes, asparagus

Tuesday (3/13):
Stove-top barbecue chicken, noodles, broccoli

Wednesday (3/14):
Guys eating out - leftovers

Thursday (3/15):
Salmon, rice pilaf, green beans

Friday (3/16):
Chili, salad, corn muffins
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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Magic Stix Giveaway!

The Pencil Grip, Inc.

The kind folks at The Pencil Grip, Inc. have kindly offered to provide one of my lucky readers (U.S. residents only) with a 24 pack of their Magic Stix Washable Markers (which I posted a review of earlier this week). Good luck!
Magic Stix Washable Markers 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Using random selection with Rafflecopter, the winner of the Magic Stix 24-Pack of Washable Markers is...

Denise M. I will be contacting Denise directly by email. Thanks everyone for participating.  


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Magic Stix Washable Markers - A TOS Homeschool Crew Review

I was tickled to learn I'd been selected to be a part of the review of a new product for The Pencil Grip, Inc.

The Pencil Grip, Inc.
I was delighted to receive their  24 pack of their Magic Stix Washable Markers.
Magic Stix Washable Markers
I've been fortunate to review for The Pencil Grip, Inc. before. Their products have never disappointed me. That said, I've gotta tell you that I really like this set!

My package arrived, and I opened it up.

I was drawn immediately to one shade of blue, which became my favorite. Even with all the other choices, this blue has remained my favorite color throughout the review period (and has not dried up or gotten used up)!
I had thought, when I offered to do this review, that I might like Magic Stix for doing a type of note-taking at church, where you mind-map and illustrate the sermon. I immediately saw, however, that the marker tips do not make this an ideal marker for that kind of application.

Since this calendar year started, I've been pulled to doodle on the new calendar book I have for 2018. This turned out to be a wonderful type of marker for this type of activity. I had a lot of fun with this! The markers do bleed through the page a little bit, so I waited until February to doodle on a page that would bleed through on the January calendar. So much fun! Look at all the bright colors!

For my doodle I stuck with the lighter shades available in the 24-pack of Magic Stix. There is one dark purple spot, but I could tell immediately that I didn't like dark colors for this page. 

I do love the 24 color varieties, though! There are three shades of yellow, two shades of brown, black, various shades of every primary and secondary color and those in between (and gray!). I brainstormed about pictures to use the darker colors, too. I can see forests and log cabins, mountains and landscapes, buildings and automobiles! For my next picture, though, I have more of an abstract to share:

I don't even think the photo does this picture justice! In real life, these colors just pop and leap off the page! 

These colors are so nice to work with. The size is comfortable in the hand. These markers are washable. This is a great feature. When my #2 child was a pre-schooler, she just loved to use markers... all over her body! Face, hands, belly, legs! Washable markers were a must-have! Marker days resulted in bathtub play, and sad were the days when the baby body still had marker showing even after a good scrub.

These markers don't dry out quickly! I can't tell you how many times we pulled out the markers only to find a marker lid not put on tightly (or at all) after the last use. I didn't test it, but these markers are guaranteed not to dry out even if left open for seven days! These markers are also non-toxic, which is also important, since some little kidlets seem to like to stick markers in their mouths.

So if you are in the market for a nice set of markers, I strongly recommend you try the 24 pack of their Magic Stix Washable Markers. Magic Stix also come in a 12 pack. You might even get to try them for free. The Pencil Grip has offered the reviewers to pick one reader for a give-away of one 24 pack of Magic Stix Washable Markers. If you are chosen, The Pencil Grip, Inc. will send you a 24 pack for your very own! 

I will post about this giveaway in my next blog post, so please come back! 

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