Thursday, September 3, 2009

I Blink, and Tomorrow becomes Last Week!

It is unbelieveable how quickly time flies sometimes!  I can’t believe how long ago my last entry already is!

Anyway, we aren’t starting our school year until the day after Labor Day. You would think I would use this time to be preparing for start day, but….. Nah…..  I am actually catching up on some housework (which we know, actually, IS preparing for the first day of school), and have been trying to finish some last UFOs (crafting term for (U)n(F)inished (O)bjects).  I finished knitting a baby sweater (need to sew on buttons), matching booties (need to finish sewing the 2nd one), and want to make a matching hat (a set for a charity).  I also made a nice tote, and hope to get a pair of pajamas and a pair of pants made for my ds.

We have a little local fair that I am planning to add these to; entry day is next week, so that’s what I’ve actually been preparing for!

I’ll try to post some photos to show these items, but not today. I need to go get going with my day!