Monday, April 13, 2009


Well, I’ve been blogging on my anonymous blog, but I don’t seem to have much readership there. My friends here haven’t found me there yet. And I haven’t had time to increase my readership there by random blogging and leaving comments and such… So I thought I’d update here.

Then I worked on an update, only to have my computer come unplugged and the update lost, so I’m trying again.

First, my dad’s estate is closed, except for $3 and something cents that is still in a bank account. I need to write a letter of instruction to the bank and send them some copies of legal documents to show them we’re done, and close the account.

The house that my mom lived in is not on the market yet, but we’re close.  My goal had been to go through 50+ years of clutter and sort, throw, sell, etc.  My step-sister, still living in the house, stepped up to "assist", and apparently basically stored most everything, thanks in part to a good friend who apparently can’t say no and who apparently has unlimited available storage…
So, using your imagination, what are the types of things you don’t want to have happen to a house you are about to sell that the buyer might bulldoze, but that you’re not sure if the buyer will, and that still has someone living in it?  Okay, I’ll just tell you.  We had to have the hot water heater replaced. ::sigh:: And upgraded, of course, since the county codes have changed and all new heaters need to be installed with certain new fittings and a certain overflow tank, and all the new heaters are different and new codes require different, larger flue vents and…  ::sigh::

So, that’s done.  The carpet has been ripped out, and I need to get over there and spray the place with an enzyme to try to neutralize the dog urine odor.  The back porch needs the indoor/outdoor carpet removed and taken to the dump.  The entire place needs a thorough cleaning. The front yard has an infestation of harmless bees that have to be outa there for the house to be on the market. And…

In November I ripped my rotator cuff.  It took until March to get into surgery. So, I am now in recovery. I’ve been in a sling six weeks and am just recently freed from the sling and able to type two-handed again. I have another 3 MONTHS of physical therapy ahead of me to get full use of my arm back again. So I am DEFINITELY not going to be the one to remove the carpet from the back porch of my mom’s house, and I am not going to be the one to thorough clean the whole place.

Well, I have a follow-up doctor’s appointment to get to in less than an hour, and I haven’t had my lunch yet, so I’m off.

Leaving me comments would be a nice thing, so I know you got this.

Oh, and I wanted to post a link to another blog that I saw today that I really like:

I’d like to get back to doing what I think she did, posting the menu plan for the week each week.  And I’d love to be able to put up my recipes, so I’ll need to review and tweak them to make sure they are all always original and not violating copyright…

Gotta go now! Ciao!