Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet - The Letter H

Today's Blogging the the Alphabet is brought to you by the letter H.

H is for hummus, which was a big part of my vegan diet, but that the Primal Blue Print and  Paleo diets want me to give up.

H is for Heat, which which was running last week, but is now turned off, and soon we will turn on the A/C.

H is for Hyperbole, one of my favorite words! In my early homeschooling years I have a memory of not realizing what the word was and in my read-aloud pronouncing it "hyper-boll", not realizing that it was "hy-'per-bo-le", using the rule that two letter syllables ending with a vowel usually are a long-vowel sound. My sweeter daughter corrected me. Talk about humbling! 

Which reminds me that H is for Humble, which makes me think of Wilbur the pig, in the book Charlotte's Web, where they decide that humble means low to the ground!

H is for Hair, which needs to be trimmed.

H is for Hostas, which are poking up their heads from the soil, now that it is warm.

H is for Hydrangea, which had a rough winter, but survived anyhow, and is growing new leaves. (Just talking about hydrangeas makes me think of Jimmy Stewart and It's a Wonderful Life!)

H is for hyacinths, which gave me early flowers, but now have dropped their blossoms.

H is for Hummingbirds, which I hope to attract this year.

And H is for Happy, which is how I hope the rest of your day will be.


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