Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet - The Letter K

Today's "Blogging Through the Alphabet" is brought to you by the Letter "K".

I'm having a little trouble thinking of K words today. My brain keeps thinking of "C" words that have a "K" inserted instead... But here goes.

K is for Kite. My son loves to fly kites. Unfortunately we live in an area full of trees, but he tries anyway. He did a lot of kite flying this spring. But I didn't take any photos. :(

K is for kittens. I'm a dog person. Again, no photos.

K is for koalas. I'm not in Australia, but I've got a Beanie Baby Koala, so a photo:

K is for Ketchup. (Or C is for Catsup. Or K is for Ketsup. I've seen it spelled all three ways.) 

I'm not feeling well, and this post is late, so I'm just posting as is. When I feel better, I'll try to apologize to my camera for neglect and see if we can work together for some future posts.

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