Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival - Reptile and Amphibian Edition

OHC Blog Carnival
The Outdoor Hour Challenge Blog Carnival highlighted Reptiles and Amphibians in April, but where I live April was cold this year that the cold blooded animals weren't moving yet. 

So once we started seeing them in May, I had this study in mind.

The first surprise was an amphibian one. It was the day my son came home with nine, count 'em, nine frogs! He only kept them a short time, and let them go before I could photograph them.

Our second amphibian encounter was that my son found a tadpole and brought him home. We've been watching him grow his legs. I'd take a photograph, but the water has turned green, and you can't really see him.

Our third amphibian enounter (multiple), was when we journeyed to Arizona mid-May. We saw lots and lots of lizards.

 Might look like a salamander, but trust me, it ran like a lizard!
Our first reptile experience was the day JD brought home a baby from this year's newly hatched clutch (do turtles have clutches?) of snapping turtles.

The second reptile experience was the day JD brought home the huge red slider! I just wished I could have gotten a photo of him outside of his shell...

So, all in all, May was for us a good reptile and amphibian month. Wish we could have had this fun in April, but we're glad May is here (and almost gone) and that we've gotten to have some warm weather in which the cold blooded animals can move around.

JD saw a water snake too, but no photo.

So what have you seen in nature lately?

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