Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Arizona Grassland Flora - Arizona Nature Study 2

This is my Outdoor Hour Challenge post #2 on the Arizona Grassland area. This post will focus primarily on fauna. 

At first blush, the grassland region seems barren, lifeless and bare.
In actuality, there's a whole lot a livin' goin' on!

During our stay there, the biggest evidence we saw of wildlife was in the area of birds and lizards, although I imagine if we studied the subject we would find the land also supports possibly javalinas, coyotes, deer and prairie dogs.

Arizona sports a wide variety of hummingbirds. While we saw hummingbirds, they are difficult to photograph and harder still to identify. Their markings often don't show up on my photos (that I am lucky enough even to get.)
Here are the varieties that live in Arizona, although I don't have the information about which ones live in which climates or biospheres.

In our area we only have the ruby-throated hummingbird, and I seldom get to see one.

In addition, the area also has quail, 

white-wing doves (which are very similar to our mourning doves),
 cardinals (different from our Northern Cardinal, and yet similar)
the shy orioles and finches and various other not yet identified birds.

 Oh yeah, various woodpeckers, flickers, and possibly sap suckers...


 Cactus wren:

 As yet unidentified black bird:
In addition, we saw lots of lizards, but I don't know lizards from lizards.
At the nearby Nature Conservancy we also saw

 a lizard,

and one non-native species of animal:
My series on Arizona nature study will continue with my next nature study blog entry.

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