Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Blogging through the Alphabet - the Letter "J"

Today's edition of blogging through the alphabet is brought to you by the letter "J".

"J" makes me, first and foremost, think of Javalinas (pronounced "Havalinas"), the name of a type of wild pig that runs wild in certain parts of Arizona, where we vacationed recently.

 J is for "Jonquil", another name for a daffodil.

J is for juice, which in my house is usually apple juice or orange juice.

J is for Jello. ("Do I like jello?" "Yummmmm!" - from While You Were Sleeping)

J is for Jenga. My son can do amazing things with a box of Jenga blocks.

J is for Jacks, a game that I played by the hour when I was a kid, in the days when you had five channels to choose from on television. There was no computer, no air conditioning, and sitting on the tile floor of the kitchen or the cement slab of the porch, were often some of the coolest places to be in the house.

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