Monday, January 28, 2013

Menu Monday #5

 Do you know what's for dinner at your house this week? Here are my plans:

Sunday: Boy Scout banquet--so I took a vegan dish so I could know I would have something I could fill up on:  Quinoa with squash and mushrooms

Monday: mushroom barley soup, salad, bread

Tuesday: oven-baked chicken pieces, broccoli, rice (vegan chicken patty)

Wednesday: beef stew, rolls (beefless stew)

Thursday: pork chops, noodles, green beans (vegan patty or leftovers)

Friday: Salmon, vegan rissotto, spinach

SaturdaySweet potato, corn, kale chowder

Found Fat Free Vegan's website this week. Love it. Though I would share it with you.

Black-eyed pea Masala looks good, but has ingredients I've never heard of that I don't know where to find (asafetida, garam masala, etc.)


  1. Looks like an awesome week! Swing by my place when you have a chance :)

  2. Hi. I am visiting from Menu Plan Monday. Here are some website that I often get inspiration from. I hope you enjoy them: