Friday, January 25, 2013


So's cold outside!

Trying to get my guy through a school day when the windows are outside and it is snowing is kinda like trying to herd cats... or trying to hold a cup of waters in your hands, without the cup...

Got to 2:45, and trying to get through Lassie, Come Home!, and he's begging, "Please, can't I go out and put a piece of black paper down so I can see how much snow falls? Please can't I take pictures of the snow?" And finally relented, telling him he still had to finish Lassie, no matter what time it was when  he finished. He agreed.

So, with the new camera that Auntie gave him for Christmas, he went outside. And look at the results!

 I'm so envious! My camera doesn't focus on snowflakes like that...!

Before the snow, this morning, he also took these nature photos:

 He sure is taking great photos! He was upset with the cardinal for running away before he could get a good shot of it.


  1. Wow - what great pictures of snowflakes! I don't think I've EVER seen any that were so good & yet natural.

  2. Yeah, I'm telling you, I'm so envious of his camera! But his camera takes AA batteries, and are not rechargeable... I guess you can't have everything. But to think I wanted to insist that we just finish that 15 minutes of reading...

  3. Since you enjoy the study of composers: I read that Fanny Crosby was BRILLIANT - Memorized the Pentatuch, Psalms, etc, wrote 2000 hymns in her lifetime, etc, etc.. But, in late childhood, she was sent to a school for the blind. They tried to teach her math -and she couldn't get it AT ALL - not even to make change. So, they just let her drop the subject : ) It's nice being able to tailor education to the student, huh?

  4. He did a great job and I am so glad you didn't make him stay in and read....what a great moment to seize! Thanks for sharing his images, just lovely.

  5. Wow! Those pictures are fantastic. I have tried it before and my pictures didn't come out anywhere as nice as his!

    Great job!