Tuesday, January 22, 2013

November Hymn Study

The Ambleside Online Hymn Rotation has Anywhere With Jesus as the selected hymn for November of this term.

It's been difficult to find a nice arrangement of this song on YouTube to post here. I finally decided on the following. It as an arrangement sung by Amy Grant, kinda country-songish, but nice:

Hardly seems like a hymn when it is done that way -- more like a country music song for sure, but I think my son might like it. For back-up I am considering All Things Bright and Beautiful. It dovetails with the James Herriott book we are currently reading, All Creatures Great and Small, and I've wanted to introduce it to my son.  And I really think he'll like the YouTube video I found to go with it:

I don't remember many things from the church of my earliest childhood, but this song I remember. Because of that it is difficult to sing this song without tears coming to my eyes. I can remember sitting next to my Brittish gram (I miss you, Gram!) in the choir loft, singing this song beside her, listening to the lilt her tongue gave certain words. I picked up that lilt, and certain words in songs I always sing with that lilt ...a certain pronunciation of "thr" or "th"... I really have to think about them to pronounce them any other way than the way I learned to pronounce them while singing by her side. ::sigh::

Another song I remember fondly from those early childhood church days is "Onward Christian Soldier". I'll want to make sure I cover that one with my son as well. Sadly, that song means different things to me now than it meant to me when I was six. I now understand there were implications of the Crusades in that song that I now don't like to think about so much. All the same, I tend to straighten my posture and belt it out any chance I get to sing, "Onward Christian Soldiers!" I find it to be an encouraging song. And I still remember singing it on warm, late spring mornings, with sun streaming in at an angle through tall church windows, and dust specks filtering down on the air. Ah, memories.

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