Friday, January 4, 2013

Maurice Ravel -Composer Study

Composer's Study: Ravel's Bolero

Last week some channel on the tele was playing Ravel's Bolero. I commented to hubby, "Oh, it's Bolero!" He laughed. We both shared a rocky introduction to Bolero. When we first heard it we both hated it, but it grew on us.

Much to my surprise, JD didn't know Bolero. I decided, therefore, that this week's composer would be Maurice Ravel, and particular music piece focus would be Bolero.

Much the way hubby and I reacted, 3/4 of the way through the piece JD was moaning, "Isn't it done yet?"  Clearly this will require some repetition to enable him to grow in his appreciation of this piece. I want him to love it the way I love it. Next week I will also give him some biographical information about Maurice Ravel. I will have JD complete a Notebooking page. And I will see if Ravel was known for any other musical pieces.

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