Monday, January 21, 2013

Menu Monday #4 - 1/21/13

I have a carnivore, so I have to make a plan that is meat based with vegan options. When main dish does not include all I nead for my vegan selection, the additional vegan choice is in parentheses.

Menu Plan for this week:

Beef/vegetable cabobs, rice (vegetable cabobs, brown rice with black beans)

Nile River Lentil Soup, salad,  Wasa crisp bread
Oven baked chicken, Knock-out Kale Rice Bowl, broccoli

Cheeseburgers on rolls (veggie burgers/no cheese), green beans

Fish Sticks, French Fries (Oven baked yam fries), Spinach

Lentils and Rice, Brussels Sprouts (the carnivore will not be home... ;-)

Super Bean Burritos, refried beans, Tostito Chips 


  1. Oooh! I'm glad I found your site. I have a vegan friend that comes over frequently and you're giving me great ideas on what to serve.

    Via MPM. Mine is here:

  2. Oh, thank you so much! The aspect about my vegan choices you might not be aware of... I am trying to follow the diet laid out by Dr. Caldwell Esselston, Jr., author of How to Prevent and Reduce Heart Disease. I am trying to reduce my cholesterol and my blood pressure.

    Dr. E's diet is not only vegan but also does not allow any soy milk, oil, nuts, seeds, nor oily foods it the diet (avacado, black olives, and others). So I often link to a recipe, but when I cook it I adjust out any oil. When I link to a recipe I adjust out any milk (substituting almond or rice milk), and I adjust out cooking oil ("sauteing" in water, or straight on my cookware surface). I also often cook recipes from the E2 diet, written by Dr. E's son, Rip. So those recipes sometimes include things his dad doesn't allow, but I go back and forth, knowing that Rip's recipes are also designed to lower BP and cholesterol.

    Thanks for commenting.