Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Setting Goals for 2013

I wasn't really planning to figure out goals for 2013, but Debbie, over at Debbie's Digest, really inspires me. (The graphic above came from her blog, too.) So here goes.   

Personal Goals:
  • My Bible reading has slipped from every day to... not every day. I already didn't read yesterday, but I am going to get back to doing five minutes or mor every day. (Start small so you don't fail and chuck it is the plan in this instance.)
  • Read Godly/Spiritual books.
    • I have not settled on which book I will be starting with.
  • Prayer life- regular prayer and journaling.
    • Family
    • Nation 
    • Church
    • Missionaries
    • Ministries
  • Memorize 100 verses in 2013 with  group on Facebook. Feel free to go to that page and request to join.
Health and Fitness 
  • Exercise at least five days a week on the treadmill. Implement Family Time Fitness with my son as well. 
    • Now that I've had some physical therapy for some issues, I'm ready to do this. 


  • I will be working on Latin and Spanish in 2013. If it becomes too much, I will choose one or the other.
Homeschool Goals:
  • Adjust our planner and move on. Finish year strong. Help JD to "own" more of his own work.

  • Remember to cover the "Daily"s daily. Review his math papers daily.

  • Begin working on the next school year's plans early. For financial reasons, try to school using what I already have wherever possible.
    • Integrate Review items where appropriate.
    • Maybe purchase an Algebra I program from Horizons.

  • Weekly home blessing: I don't do this. Maybe I can start trying to do one a day throughout the week... FlyLady sets her timer for 10 minutes to work on each of 7 ways to bless the home:
    • Vacuum
    • Dust
    • Quick Mop
    • Polish Mirrors and Doors
    • Purge magazines and catalogs
    • change sheets
    • empty all trash cans

  • Routines; check-off lists; timers - I could really benefit to implement some of this. When you have certain routines, you do things without thinking about it. Before they develop into a habit like that, check-off lists are really helpful. I even need to get this going for JD; I know it would help him. And using the timer is amazing. Not only are my dinners not mushy or burnt, but racing the timer gets things done quicker, which equates to more done in a day. I know that is not stated as a goal -- okay, I will seek to improve in my routines, check-off lists, and increase my use of the timer.


  • Craft for Online Angels. 

  • Blog with lots of photographs.

  • Read for pleasure. Start with finishing White Gold Wielder, by Stephen Donaldson.

  • Begin my scrapbooking. Work on scrapbooking at least one day a month.

  • Bowl at least once a month.
Those are my goals for 2013. How about you???

If you made goals, make goals, or want to set goals post them on your blog and Click at the bottom on the button to go to Debbie's Digest and link up. Tell your friends and have them link up!

I am also linked up with Weiser Academy's blog entry about New Year's Goals.


  1. Wow,
    I am humbled and honored that I inspire you. God is good. It is so great to see you setting goals and linking up. I will be updating monthly if you want to continue to participate. I try and have my post up for the 1st of every month updating how I did on my goals for the month before.

    Your goals look great. Wow, 100 verses in 2013... that is wonderful. Just think of the benefit those verses will be to your spiritual life and you will have them handy for sharing with others as well. Learning Latin and Spanish... that is some educational goal. That would be a real challenge for me. I took 2 years of Spanish in high school and did terrible. I just have no ear for languages.

    I wish you great success in 2013. I am sure your spiritual goals will really be a benefit and help you to be a better you and attain your other goals for 2013. God Bless. Thanks for linking up. I am overwhelmed! Again, God is good.

  2. I understand what you mean about remembering to do your Daily Bible Readings. Embarrassingly, I am on the computer every day, but have more trouble remembering to be in the Word.

    What has helped me in recent months is having my daily Bible readings emailed. Then, I have them in my inbox & can remember them! I use our Church's site (FB & Apps are also available) but I'm sure there are many other similar services.

    Hope you meet with success in your goals! : )