Thursday, January 3, 2013

Think Back Thursday - SNOW!

I live in an area where the annual snowfall one year was 1". That was "inch" not "foot". So, yeah, when it does snow, like a deep dump, we do tend to photograph it. My digital photos only go back to around 2006, so I guess I don't have any photos of that amazing snow from 1996 on here but... oh well. Here we go...



I know this is nothing compared to North Dakota (where my mom was born), but it is pretty impressive for Maryland.

Think Back Thursday is a photo meme that encourages sharing something from the past.  It is hosted by Debbie's Digest.
January Themes
1/10 Reading
1/17 Wood
1/24 Silly
1/31 Black and While
In February
2/7, 2/14, 2/21. 2/28  a series on Playing with Photos
What program do you use to fiddle with your photos?
Let us know and show some of the things the program does.
If you don't want to join in on this one... it will be a series for all of February...
you can choose your own topics and post what you would like.
She have been wanting to do this on her blog and decided to do it for Think Back Thursday since she uses a lot of photos for this meme. It will take some planning ahead to get this one ready so I am giving you all of Jan to work on it.
You can find out more about it, and how you can participate, by clicking the link or the button below. 

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