Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2nd Snow of the Year

The weather was cold outside. The new fallen snow was in a very thin layer outside. My son was having difficulty waking up.

He has started making home made whistles, lately. Yesterday he asked if we could hike over to the bamboo patch so that he could cut some bamboo to use for whistles.  "Get dressed," I told him. "We'll hike over to the bamboo. We'll get some exercise; we can call it P.E. We'll get your bamboo, and we'll enjoy the day and also call it a nature walk." He liked the idea of the bamboo, but barely tolerated the other ideas. "What? We're not taking the car?"

 I envy those blogs that have those "country" views. I can pretend that I live i the country, but the reality is that I live on 2/10ths of an acre in suburbia.
 So, can you see this light smattering of snow that we got? Can you believe the public schools were on a 2-hour delay when we took this walk? It didn't look necessary to me... Just sayin'...
 I told JD that we should look for animal tracks on our walk. (You know... foxes, deer, raccoon, opossum... rats, cats, dogs...)

 Found some people tracks...
 Like the picture of my shadow? I was really bundled up... like an Eskimo...
 There is a certain beauty to the urban spacing of trees along a street.

 It was hard to believe the schools were opening late.

 This was a nice snow on pine view.

 JD got his bamboo.
 And then I started noticing how some of the trees resembled Snow on Bush in Winter, by David Caspar Friederick.
 Hard to decide which looked most like that painting, the tree or the bush.
 Finally found some tracks -- someone walked their dog.
 Found another of those oak trees that hold their dead leaves all winter and don't drop them til the new leaves come out in the spring.
 We really liked the view of the tennis court unmarred by footsteps.

 JD covered in snow...
 after making snow angels!


  1. It was SO COLD! What is so funny is that a warm front has moved through. That walk was Thursday or Friday; (yesterday there was delayed school for morning ice) today -- Tuesday, it was 60 degrees! Did another Nature Walk today (will post soon) -- my shoes leaked. Very wet from melting snow and ice.

  2. We haven't had any snow this year....that is unusual. I love taking a walk in the fresh snow and your trees are just lovely with the bits of snow. Yes, they do look like CDF's painting!

    Thanks so much for submitting your entry to the OHC.

  3. Good for you for getting out even though it was cold! Loved the snow angel.