Monday, January 14, 2013

Menu Monday #3 - 1/14/13

So last week's plan was six meals out of seven strictly vegan. You remember that movie Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde? Can you imagine a family setting where a certain carnivore knows what you have planned (calendar) and then overrides the plan by bringing in subs one night and pizza another? ::sigh::

So I'm back to a plan of carnivore meals with a vegan option (which, of course, is a lot more work for me -- just being a vegan is a lot of work as it is. I guess I'll be planning a lot of freezer meals for the three family members who are currently eating mostly vegan. And there is one huge eater who is eating BOTH the vegan AND the non-vegan at every meal. I'm going to put a stop to that by not serving enough vegan food for that option. 

So this week's plan:

Busy Day Pork Chops, egg noodles, green beans (vegan burgers, whole wheat noodles)

Minnesota Wild Rice Soup (with vegan changes); salad, rolls

Burgers and fries, candied carrots (brown rice/lentil burgers / sweet potato fries)

Stove Top BBQ Chicken, broccoli, stuffing (vegan chicken patties, whole wheat flats)

Spaghetti, meat balls, salad, Texas Toast (veggie crumblies) (wheat noodles; 365 Sauce, possibly topped with black beans)

Blackened Catfish, baked sweet potatoes, spinach (sweet potato is main vegan meal)

 Home-made pizza (and E2 vegan pizza)

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