Friday, January 11, 2013

Renoir Artist Study

I have been neglecting Artist Study, or I could say I have not been working on the artists that are posted in the Ambleside Online schedule.  If I had been, I would be on the Term 2 artist and painting selections: 

2012-2013 TERM 2 Jacob van Ruisdael (1628/9-1682) and Pieter de Hooch (1629-1684) (This term's composer: Bach)

   1. Two Watermills and an Open Sluice near Singraven, 1650-52, National Gallery, London
   2. View of Haarlem with Bleaching Grounds, c.1665, Kunsthaus, Zurich
   3. Windmill at Wijk bij Duurstede, c. 1670, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Pieter de Hooch (Dutch, 1629-after 1684)
   4. Courtyard of a House in Delft, 1658, National Gallery, London
   5. Woman Peeling Apples, c. 1663, Wallace Collection, London
   6. At the Linen Closet, also here, 1663, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

These paintings have been very nicely posted on The Little Homeschool Blessings blog.  

But, since, sadly, I have skipped the first AO term, and since that term's artist, Renior, is not to be missed, I am going to highlight the selected Renior paintings for term 1:

2012-2013 TERM 1 Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) French Impressionist (This term's composer: Debussy)

   1. La Grenouilliere, 1869, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

La Grenouillere by Pierre-Auguste Renoir

   2. Les Grands Boulevards, 1875, The Henry P. McIlhenny [travelling] Collection
 File:Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Les Grands Boulevards.jpg

   3. La Loge, 1874, Courtauld Institute Galleries, University of London
 The Theater Box by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
4. Girl with a Watering Can, 1876, National Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.
 A Girl with a Watering Can by Pierre-Auguste Renoir
   5. The Two Sisters, On the Terrace, 1881, Art Institute of Chicago
 File:Renoir - The Two Sisters, On the Terrace.jpg
   6. Girls at the Piano, 1892, Musee d'Orsay, Paris

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