Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas 2016

This year Christmas was a little subdued in our household. My sister has been battling breast cancer for almost four years. In June she broke her ankle, and recovery from that injury has been slow.

We were delighted to be able to be a little generous with our adult and almost-adult kids. We sent gifts, via Amazon, to one in Colorado.

We surprised our local daughter and her husband with various nice things.


We gave the student a lot of this and that.

One of the gifts for our youngest was an item we had been saving, keeping a secret, since we received the product as part of a home school review. It was a really nice item, and we had paid extra to upgrade the item over what we would have received if we'd gone with what the review was offering (we got a bigger size). But as Christmas approached, my husband and I were having doubts. Our son wanted knives and paracord for making braided whips. We began to lower our expectations of his reaction over the gift, because we were giving our 17-year-old son something he hadn't asked for. We'd decided he wasn't going to appreciate the item, or the effort the company had taken to create the gift. It was a personalized gift from CrossTimber, so we went ahead and gave it to him.

To our surprise and delight, our son loved the personalized name plaque!  He loves the jets! He loves the Bible verses! He loves knowing what his name means!
He now has his name plaque proudly displayed on his computer desk where his friends see it when they visit. His love of this gift was my biggest surprise this Christmas! Thank you, CrossTimber!

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