Monday, January 2, 2017

Menu Monday for 1/2/2017

Beginning of a new year and my first Menu Monday post.

In 2017 I lost 18.8 pounds. (I really lost 22 or more and then gained back 4 or so over Christmas, when I took a break from proper eating.) I am continuing my weight loss efforts as we start this new year. I am beginning this year weighing 152.2 and would LOVE to end the year weighing 120, but to make sure my goal is attainable I am saying my goal is to end 2017 weighing 130 or less.

I am getting some help through my membership at Jenny Craig where I have a weekly weigh-in, where I am buying some of their foods to help my journey, and where I can sometimes revert to their meals when it will keep me from a "crash and burn". Sunday I ate poorly, having lasagne, garlic bread, salad and leftover carrot cake from my birthday.

Monday through Saturday I am on the "straight and narrow", and am eating Jenny Craig meals for dinner to help me as I get back into the groove of eating properly. (I'm going through sugar withdrawl.) The menu plan below is what I am serving to my family this week.

Saturday (12/31): chicken Caesar salad

Sunday (1/1): lasagna, salad, garlic bread

Monday (1/2):  BLTs

Tuesday (1/3):  pan fried chicken, rice, broccoli

Wednesday (1/4):  beef stew, rolls, salad

Thursday (1/5)(CAP):  leftovers (lasagna or stew)

Friday (1/6):  salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans

So, if you are curious, my normal day looks like this:

Breakfast: 2 egg spinach omelette, protein shake made with almond milk;

mid morning snack: Jenny Craig any-time bar;

lunch: 2+ cups green salad topped with 8 ounces diced cooked chicken and 8 olives (no dressing);

mid afternoon snack: 1 apple;

dinner: one Jenny Craig meal, with additional veggies;

bed-time snack: Jenny Craig S'Mores dessert bar

Additional: veggies, three Lifesavers, 64 ounces water

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