Monday, January 16, 2017

Menu Monday for 1/16/17

This was my first week trying to get back on track with my weight loss. Well... I lost weight, but nothing stellar -- 0.2 of a pound weight loss at my weekly weigh-in at Jenny Craig. Boy, kicking sugar is tough. Why did I think it was okay to divert from the "straight and narrow"...?

This week's menu plan was thought through, but is still a balance between meals that I am happy with vs. meals that make my family smile. I'm eating Jenny Craig on the nights when I scheduled hot dogs and French Bread Pizza. (I actually make Italian bread pizza...) Most nights I eat primarily paleo. Here's the plan:

Saturday (1/14):  salmon, sweet potatoes, green beans

Sunday (1/15):  rotisserie chicken, potatoes, broccoli

Monday (1/16):  hot dogs, baked beans, carrots

Tuesday (1/17):  Chili, corn bread, salad

Wednesday (1/18):  pork chops, noodles, brussel sprouts

Thursday (1/19)(CAP):  French Bread Pizza

Friday (1/20):  salmon, yams, green beans

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