Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 Resolutions Review

I did not actually post my 2016 resolutions, but I did have some. Specific resolutions? Or general ones? I had some general ones like exercise more, eat healthier, do better at getting things done...

But hovering over all my general thoughts was a specific thought that I was overweight, and this was the year to get a handle on it. There was a serious sugar addiction as part of it, and a diet high in acidic foods that was harmful. My diet was also causing inflamation (arthritis, among other things).

I don't have a complete grip on all of this yet, but I've come a long way. So this is my reveal post to show you where I started and where I ended at the end of the year.

I spent 21 days following The Bone Broth Diet and lost (I think) 14 pounds. Before and after:


This diet was a good start, kicked the sugar cravings and shed weight, but was a lot of work. For my situation it was not sustainable.

After a bit I had gained back at least six pounds and it was time to get serious again. So next I worked on following The Total Wellness Cleanse by Yuri Elkaim. I lost some weight, but I was never as successful with this program. A lot of these programs are very difficult for one individual in a family to follow. I had to prepare one meal for the family and another meal for myself. Just preparing the meals for myself would have been exhausting even if it had been all I was doing. I burned out on this one.

I joined a gym in March and started working on strengthening, which I really needed. Unfortunately while I focused on this my weight was creeping up again.

October arrived and I weighed 160 or so. Ten pounds lost, but not good enough--I hadn't reached my goal. Hubby agreed to let me join Jenny Craig. For several weeks I followed their plan exactly, eating their food, to the cost of about $160-$170/week! The weight was coming off 1 to 2 pounds per week, but I really didn't like all their processed food.

After talking to my counselor, I weaned my way off their food to a more paleo diet. I still eat some of their treats, but my meals and some snacks are my own preparations. I'm following a mostly whole-foods plan that is gluten free, grain free, high in vegetables with a healthy amount of protein. I'm not sugar free yet, but I will probably get there.

So as I approached Christmas I had lost over 20 pounds for 2016. Unfortunately I lost momentum in the last two weeks and gained some of the weight back. So, for the final one year statistic, 

My goal weight loss for 2016 was: 20 pounds. I reached my goal and then some, but then gained some back.

My starting weight for 1/1/16 was 170, and my end weight is 152.2. Before (left) and after (right) photos below:


If it is difficult to see the weight loss, look at the neck, the chin!

My weight still needs to be less, so I am going to work on losing 20 pounds in 2017. I'm getting to a size where a lot of people think I'm fine and shouldn't be trying to lose weight. Seriously? I'm 5'3" and 152 pounds. I should probably be 120. I guess I'll figure out what weight I am comfortable at when I get to that weight. In the meantime I'll keep my blog readers updated as I reach milestones.

Hopefully you find these posts encouraging!

My weight still needs to be less, so I am going to work on losing 20 pounds in 2017.

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