Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017 Week 2 in Review

Week 2 of 2017 is history. 

The week began with some decluttering -- a request I saw on a Freecycle email prompted me to declutter my board games and get rid of ones we don't use. Please don't ask me why we had two sets of Battleship, Monopoly and Clue, plus all those sets of chess and checkers... So the individual picked up my give-aways at the beginning of Week 2.

The student is still on break from his college courses. Next semester he is taking Spanish 101 and Sociology 100 for his two dual enrollment courses. This week his books for these courses were acquired.

During his college break the student has been working through practice questions for the Math Accuplacer test. He has been working some on his Geometry, and he has been doing some of the paperwork for his Eagle Project Proposal.

Monday night we had a Boy Scout meeting.

Tuesday took us to the dentist so the student could get his teeth cleaned. After I took him home I had a doctor's appointment.

The highlight of Wednesday and Thursday was some nice weather that replaced some cold weather we'd been having. Thursday night the dad had one meeting the mom had a Boy Scout Roundtable meeting and the cadet had a Civil Air Patrol meeting. I was the taxi, driving cadets to their meeting on the way to mine and picking them up after.

Friday the weather was still mild. I weighed in at Jenny Craig and did some shopping at Trader Joe's. Hubby surprised me and took me out to dinner.

Saturday morning was my quilting day, but our church was also planning a women's brunch. Hubs and cadet were supposed to go to SARs training with CAP. However an ice storm was predicted. CAP decided to cancel SARs. The ice storm never came, though, so I still did both my activities.

Since I wasn't expecting the guys to be home, I hadn't completed menu planning and the creation of the shopping list, so I finished that Saturday night.

Those are the highlights. The student is getting bored with his present "light load" (academically), but is anticipating next semester with some trepidation. He has one more week til the next semester starts.

How was your week?

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  1. Our week was hectic, ups and downs and turn arounds yet we survived to dust off and do this again.