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Salem Ridge Press: A Schoolhouse Crew Review

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Have you heard of Salem Ridge Press?

I'm not sure when I first learned of Salem Ridge Press.  What I do know is that I've enjoyed what I have read.  Salem Ridge Press was kind enough to send me a copy of The American Twins of the Revolution, which I read to my son
(so that I could review it). That was the first Salem Ridge Press book I ever read. Read on.

The American Twins of the Revolution

The American Twins of the Revolution is a sweet, if somewhat predictable tale. Sally and Roger Priestly are twins in the 1770s, right in the midst of unrest in the American Colonies. The story begins with unsettling times, Sally awakening late in the night, in the dark, because she heard a noise. Going to their mother's bed, they cannot find her. They grope around her bed in the pitch dark, unable to comprehend why she is missing. Where could she be? Then they hear voices downstairs, on the other side of the downstairs door. Are they Redcoats?  The Priestly family are not siding with the Redcoats. Why are they there? 

Roger and Sally try to listen through the door. What are they saying?  Then Roger bumps the door and they are found out.  "Who's there?" cried a voice. And before they could back away from the door they were leaning on, it was opened from below and they both tumbled into the kitchen in a heap. Sally, frantic with terror, threw her arms around her brother's neck. What would happen?

But on the other side of the door they find their mother and father in conference with General George Washington, and he needs their help on a dangerous mission! 

From one moment to the next things are pulling the reader to continue to the next chapter. You can read the first chapter of The American Twins of the Revolution   by clicking on Read the First Chapter.  The American Twins of the Revolution, by Lucy Fitch Perkins, is a soft cover book 204 pages long for children ages 8 to adult. It sells for $12.95.

I read The American Twins of the Revolution to my son as we studied the American Revolution, and it is an excellent supplement to that era of history. It can help your students experience what it must have been like to live through those exciting times. This is the type of "living history" book that I regularly weave into my reading plans, because I feel my students learn so much from these types of stories. The American Twins of the Revolution was an enjoyable addition to our studies.

I haven't read all of the books  published by Salem Ridge Press, by any means, but my experience has been that they have very carefully selected some of the finest literature selections from days gone by to republish and make available to the students of future generations. I have several more Salem Ridge Press on my shelves currently, waiting to be read when we hit the time period they are set in. Of course, you can read them whenever you like, but I find reading a book about Egypt (etc.) makes the most sense when you are studying Egypt in your history cycle, so that's the way we do it in my house.
Salem Ridge Press has books for ages 6 - 10, ages 8 - Adult. ages 10 - Adult, and ages 12 - Adult. They have stories from Egypt, Ancient Rome, the Dark Ages, the Middle Ages, France/Saxony, Saxon England, the Age of Explorers, the American Revolution, and more. 
Salem Ridge Press has very high standards for how they decide on which books to publish. They are on the lookout for new candidates for publications, and regularly publish new books. I'm keeping my eye on this company!

To see the complete selection of books carried by Salem Ridge Press, visit their Complete Listing page and select a category. Peruse their titles. Read about the creators of Salem Ridge Press. Consider supporting their company and buying some books. I don't think you will regret your decision. 



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