Monday, April 8, 2013

Menu Monday - 4/8/13

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Time for another menu plan.

Let's see... Last week's menu plan got messed up. Saturday of the week before we ended up eating out, so that meal got bumped to Monday (chicken). Then I also asked my hubby to buy one pound of ground  beef instead of three, so there went the meat loaf. And he didn't like the price of the fish, so there went Friday. On Wednesday I went to make hamburgers only to find the roll of ground beef still frozen solid, so leftovers Wednesday and burgers bumped to Thursday. Don't know if there was a single day where we ate as planned, but plans can be rearranged, no harm in that.

So here I go to try again. I am writing this on Friday, even though I don't post until Monday. Already my plans may change because hubby is hinting at eating out on Saturday, so we'll see. But I plan on Friday, we shop on Saturday, and the plans post on Monday on Menu Monday on, so that's why I don't post them til Monday, even though they start on Saturday!...

Here goes. Predominantly Primal, with non-primal options in parentheses (for my non-primal family members):

Sunday: Steak fajita salad [link is to chicken; substitute steak] (tortillas, chips)

Monday: Roast chicken, broccoli, salad (stuffing)

Tuesday: Wedding Soup, salad (biscuits)

Wednesday: chicken fingers (substitute almond flour), green beans (potatoes)

Thursday: Swedish Meatballs, (egg noodles,) Brussels sprouts

Friday: Garlic Dill Salmon, asparagus, grilled eggplant, mashed sweet potatoes

Saturday: Balsamic Chicken, sauteed spinach, (French fries)

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