Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Little About Me

Here’s a few quick trivia questions to help you learn a little bit more about me!

Have you ever:

Gone on a blind date?  No.
Skipped school?  Umm, yes.
Been lost?  Yes, driving.
Swam in the ocean?  Yes; Atlantic Ocean.
Sang karaoke?  No.
Paid for a meal with coins only?  Not that I recall.
Made prank phone calls?  Oh yes, long long ago.
Baked a turkey?  Many
Been kissed under the mistletoe?  Yes. Silly traditions.
Watched the sun rise?  Yes. I'm a morning person. My childhood home the sun would rise at the front of the house; it was beautiful.
Sat outside in the rain?  Yes.
Lived one of your dreams?  Yes.
Eaten just cookies/dessert for dinner?  No.

What is your favorite:

Beverage?  Mocha from S-bucks
Vacation spot?  Right now it's Chincoteague, VA.
TV show?  Dr. Who
Movie?  I like too many to have one favorite.

Holiday?  Independence Day
Sport? For doing or for watching? Well, for doing I guess it is currently walking, which is as close as I come to doing.
Dessert?  Most things chocolate.
Food?  Rib Eye Steak
Time of day? Early morning before anyone else gets up.
Season?  Spring. Everything is coming to life!

So that's me. What about you?

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