Monday, April 29, 2013

Menu Monday - 4/29/13

Since Easter I have been posting Primal Blueprint-friendly recipes. I know this will sound like I'm waffling, but I just don't see how a high animal fat diet can be good for me. I admit, I haven't had time to read much of the book, but I just don't see how I can agree with a philosophy that early man ate a meat/plant based diet, but I need to cut out grains, root vegetables and legumes. Hunh? I mean, they are plants too, right? And what's up with differentiating between white potatoes = bad; yams = good? I just see that they have different contents. I understand that certain starchy foods spike the blood sugar more than other foods, but I'm not loving the change I made in March.

I think I need moderation.

So, tonight I ate pizza. The rest of this week I'm going back to vegan, but am trying to plan the meat meal, and just find a non-meat solution for myself quietly on the side. That said, here's my plan. I don't have all the vegan choices figured out. It is what it is.

Pizza. My carnivore husband won. Served with salad.
Beef vegetable soup; salad; bread (non primal option: Lentil Soup)
Grilled chicken; noodles; broccoli (leftover vegetables from last week's potroast)
Black beans and rice; salad
Tacos, burritos, salad
turkey cutlets. potatoes, green beans
ravioli, sauce, Texas toast (gnocchi), salad

Breakfasts and Lunches:

Breakfasts are back to oatmeal and blueberries; lunches are predominantly leftovers.


  1. I suggest checking out beyond diet. Isabella gives all the information on why animal fat is better for us. But rice and potatoes are ok, as are beans. It's all about eating food in a natural state, and not eating wheat.

  2. I will consider checking it out, but "why animal fat is better for us" suggests that you think I am using plant fat instead. The diet I lean back toward is actually a fat FREE diet, where the only fat I get is in the Omega 3 supplement I take daily.

    Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn's research shows that folks with a history or genetics toward heart disease should eliminate all fat to reduce the risk of heart disease. My dad died from an issue with his heart, and he was as skinny as a rail (5'11, 140 pounds), but his cholesterol was high. My gram died of an issue with her heart. I am measuring different diets and considering what their goals are. The primal and paleo diets focus on blood glucose issues. I have no history of diabetes, and the Esselstyn diet also keeps the glucose level low even though it allows root vegetables and legumes. It does have similarities (no sugar, no processed food).