Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Blogging Through the Alphabet - The Letter B


This week, Blogging Through the Alphabet is brought to you by the Letter B.

Don't know why, but this one is dragging for me. I tried to brainstorm in advance, but still Monday came and went and I wasn't ready, and it's almost Monday again (Letter C day).

Okay, for my week, B is for Banana;

B is for Blueberries;

B is for Bluejay who came to visit briefly and I barely got a photograph of him;

 B is for bowling balls stacked three high (can you figure out how it was done?)

B is for a brown dog.

B is for bananas
and broccoli.

B is for Bible.
 And B is for Books.
This blog entry has been brought to you by the letter B.

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