Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kindle Book GIVEAWAY 7/15-7/17/13

Excellent Kindle book giveaway Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday! (I started this post Monday but got distracted, so it didn't get posted.) If you don't own a Kindle, you can get a free Kindle app for your computer to read kindle books there.

King Phillip's War

Finn and Ginny's mother and father are missing, having gotten lost in time. They probably thought the time machine was a TV remote, but however it happened they are gone, and no one knows "when" and where they are.

Finn and Ginny searched for them once before in The Pilgrim Adventure, and they had agreed not to try it again. But so much time has gone by their resolve crumbles; they want their parents back. So, once again, when their aunt and uncle are both away from the farm for the day, Finn and Ginny hold hands and take a time travel to try to find Mom and Dad.

Something goes wrong! Ginny's hand slips, and Finn looses her! He can only assume she is in the same time, but she has ended up in a different place, and Finn doesn't know where. Their experience has taught them that they will land near someone they are distantly related to, but that doesn't help him a lot...

Download King Phillip's War and find out what happens to Finn and Ginny as they try to find each other in the middle of one of America's deadliest wars, the one that only gets a single paragraph in student history books.

There are also free study materials available at the author's website, here:


Susan Kilbride, the author, has also just finished her third book in this series, The Salem Adventure.  To learn more about this series, go to http://funtasticunitstudies.com/the-our-america-series/ and read all about it.

I will be writing a review separately about this book shortly.

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