Friday, July 5, 2013

Planning Ramblings on the Upcoming School Year

Homeschooling one student, and he's beginning 8th Grade. Here are my squishy plans for the upcoming year:

Regular Daily Bible Readings, memory work, and singing hymns;

Last year we were working on Horizons Pre-Algebra. We ended the year not having finished, and with my son not feeling he's got a good grasp on many of the aspects involved. So although I had already purchased Horizons Algebra (in April), I have now purchased MathUSee Pre-Algebra, which we will work on to see if we can get JD to a place where he feels like he understands square roots, graphs, plotting, solving equations and such, and ready to move on.

Plans are to use Apologia Physical Science, with supplementation from Supercharged Science (or vice versa).

Social Studies:
Planning to use Notgrass America the Beautiful, with its corresponding Geography component and a parallel literature component. (It has suggested readers, but we've read most of them.)

Language Arts:
Mushy-squishy... do I know the answer to this yet?... I'm not sure. I own much, and implement little. I'm needing to seriously implement a writing program; am considering IEW right now. I could implement the writing from Tapestry of Grace, to overlap with the Notgrass History topics...  I don't think I own an 8th Grade Grammar program, but I could use the 7th Grade program that I never used last year... His spelling doesn't need much work, but I own Kathryn Stout's Spelling, whatever its title is... His vocabulary is pretty good. I could do wonders for his vocabulary, spelling and grammar if I just got First Form Latin flowing better in his daily plans.

I plan to continue doing Artist Studies, corresponding with Ambleside Online's schedule, or whatever my whim dictates. There are artists that lived during the historical period we will be studying, and I do like to dove-tail our studies according to chronology.

Similar to Art plans, I will be following Ambleside Online's Composer Studies, but will also be taking our history studies into consideration to determine if there are composers I want to look at who were composing during the time-period we will be studying.

Physical Education:
I will be seeking to keep JD physically active throughout the year through a combination of Boy Scout activities, walking, hiking, biking, bowling, ice skating, and efforts to implement Family Time Fitness.

Yeah, my state requires that I teach this and document it. I do not think I own an 8th grade health program, so I'll have to see what I can put together.

JD's plans this year include Boy Scouts, 4-H, and being an LIT (Leader in Training) at Awanas.

We will be home schooling through the summer and taking the month of December off, so I need to be working on my lesson plans. Will let you know how things are going on this some time in the future.


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