Monday, May 15, 2017

Menu Monday for 5/15/17

This is an incredibly busy week in our home. Saturday my family converged (for the first time since 9/2013) for my youngest's Eagle Court of Honor. I'll try to blog about that in a separate post.
In addition to the Court of Honor, Sunday was Mother's Day and Thursday our anniversary (celebrating next Sunday), and Friday an evening out for a Bingo event. Monday I can't cook because 1) we haven't had time to shop (so can't even crock pot dinner) and 2) I am driving our oldest to the air port when I would normally prepare and eat dinner.
So I am quickly throwing together dinner plans for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday JD has foot surgery, so for all I know he might have no appetite. Anyway, here we go:

Saturday (5/13) (Boy Scout Eagle Court of Honor):  Dinner by Chipolte

Sunday (5/14 (Mother’s Day)):  Steak, fried onions, baked potatoes, Caesar salad

Monday (5/15) (BS Troop Mtg.):  driving to airport/Dad and JD on their own (Chipolte leftovers?)

Tuesday (5/16): Sausage quiche, salad

Wednesday (5/17): hot dogs, beans, potato chips, carrot sticks

Thursday (5/18) (CAP):  cheeseburgers with lettuce and tomato, raw vegetables

Friday (5/19) (Bingo): Bingo chicken dinner


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