Monday, April 3, 2017

Menu Monday for 4/3/17

Spring, spring, spring! Meals change from warm, heavy comfort foods to light, "Spring-y" meals! Really, though, it happens gradually, without much thought. We crave different foods.

This week our meals were planned quickly, around our evening commitments. A quick-to-prepare meal is planned on evenings when we must go out to a meeting. Here are our plans for this week:

Saturday (4/1):  Dinner Out

Sunday (4/2):  roast chicken, broccoli, rice

Monday (4/3) (Boy Scouts):  leftovers

Tuesday (4/4): Garlic Lime Chicken, noodles, asparagus

Wednesday (4/5): spaghetti with meat sauce, salad, TX toast (spaghetti squash)

Thursday (4/6)(CAP): chicken parmesan, green beans, rice

Friday (4/7):  Lentil soup, salad, rolls or muffins

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