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Daily Bible Jigsaw - A TOS Homeschool Crew Review

Review Crew
In March I learned I would be part of the Homeschool Crew's review of a game by Planet 316.
Planet 316

For the past six weeks or so, a group of the crew has been enjoying a game app called  Daily Bible Jigsaw,  which is available on iOS devices as well as Facebook.
Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

Here are the current options for playing Daily Jigsaw:

This has been such a fun review in so many ways! And a very unique review! I mean how often do I get to review something where I can say, "Try this--it's free!" How often do I do a review where it is my job to play at something once a day?
 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

So, true confessions here, I already spend a few "indisposed" minutes each day playing at something on my iPad. I call it "multi-tasking". Reviewing Daily Bible Jigsaw just meant, for me, switching my play time from one game to another. For purposes of this review, Crew members were given 500 coins to use, which I will explain shortly.

Daily Bible Jigsaw works on a calendar format. Each day one free puzzle is available for you to work. When you complete the puzzle, you are taken to the monthly calendar, where one new month's puzzle piece is reviewed for the puzzle you just solved. This one month puzzle motivates you to do your daily puzzle, so that at the end of the month month's picture puzzle is also revealed.

When you open Daily Bible Jigsaw you are given a jumble of puzzle pieces. 

The first thing I like to do is separate the edges from the center pieces.

Next I figure out the edges of the puzzle. You turn individual pieces by clicking on them.

When the puzzle is complete you get fanfare and an inspirational quote.

When you click on the puzzle, it takes you to your month-view puzzle. If you have your account attached to your Facebook account, you can see how well you did compared to your friends. 

Now let me tell you about the coins. When I work the puzzle on my iPod, each puzzle has one time during the puzzle where a puzzle piece lights up for a bonus. If you connect the piece to another piece while it is lit you get a bonus coin. (That is, I think you get one -- I'm not sure... you might get three...) Coins can also be purchased.

Coins are useful for various things. If there is a day that you don't get to the puzzle and you want to go do that puzzle, a past puzzle costs three coins. If you complete a puzzle and don't like your time (see my time above), particularly if you are competing with your friends, you can replay the puzzle for three coins.

Not only can you replay for two coins, but you can also speed up your time by using two coins to have the puzzle auto-rotate all the puzzle pieces to their correct positions making assembling the puzzle much quicker.

I have not chosen to use the "Guide" and "Sweep" functions, and I only used the "Magnet" function once. I guess I like the way I am playing the Daily Bible Jigsaw just with the rotate and edge options. Each of those five options use two coins per use.

At one point, using Daily Bible Jigsaw, I started getting glitches where pieces would be missing from my puzzle so I couldn't complete it. I contacted the company and they repaired the glitches and reimbursed me coins I had lost while trying to solve puzzles that couldn't be solved. They are very customer-friendly.

So I recommend you give Daily Bible Jigsaw a try. It is fun, relaxing, and only takes about five minutes a day. You get to enjoy the challenge, the relaxation, a nice picture and an inspirational quote.

 Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316

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