Friday, April 21, 2017

Week in Review, 4/21/17

It has been a while since I did my weekly review, so this is more like a catch-up review.

In late February, on a 75-degree day (that just doesn't happen in Maryland!), the Life Scout pulled together Scouts, CAP friends, and friends of friends, and got his Eagle Project completed. A county park path had been rerouted, and the job was to make the old path disappear. It was called reforestation and trail reclamation.

In March, in addition to attending his two college courses of Spanish 101 and Sociology 100, the high school junior visited two colleges -

Patrick Henry College in Purcellville, VA

and University of Arizona in Tucson, AZ.

He was scheduled also to visit University of Maryland, Baltimore County, but sickness prevented him from making this visit as scheduled.

The lad really likes U of A. It has an Air Force ROTC program, which is important to him, and he loves the climate and the topography. Being there brought back the rockhound in him (one who searches for rock samples).

Upon his return from Arizona, while scurrying to make up work missed in his two college classes (missed a Friday and a Monday), the lad had paperwork to finish on his Eagle project. He had to write up his Project Report and get it signed off. After that he had to write up his Eagle Scout Rank Application (a.k.a. "ESRA"). Then every date and merit badge needed to be checked, double checked, and re-checked. Then his Eagle notebook needed to be compiled with his Life Statement and copies of the 21 merit badges he was applying to the Eagle application. He had been in three troops, and some of his merit badges and some of his rank advancements were not in Internet Advancement, and that needed to be completed. Finally, he met with the District Eagle Coordinator, who still found errors in the paperwork, which got corrected. Now the Scout is scheduled to have his Eagle Board of Review next Friday - he missed the Board of Review opportunity in March because of his trip to Arizona (and the paperwork wasn't finished anyway!).

A test, the ACT, was rescheduled because things were just getting too packed in the schedule. 

Mom, meanwhile, has been revising Transcript and Course Descriptions in preparation for college applications in a month or two. 

In addition, the following products are currently in use for upcoming reviews:
Watch for upcoming reviews! So what's going on in your home school?

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