Monday, May 30, 2016

Menu Monday for 5/30/16

Menu Plan Monday for the week of May 23rd - recipe links plus menu planning inspiration including a free knife skills course for kids

Time to tighten up my menu plans and provide healthier meals to my family. This week's menu plan resembles a more primal life, leaning towards proteins and vegetables and avoidiing processed quick-fix sides. Also avoiding breads and white starches. Here's the plan.

Saturday (5/28):
B: blueberry morning
L: salad with chicken
D: ravioli w/Prego, TX toast, salad

Sunday (5/29):
B: blueberry morning
L: salad/tuna
D: Terrazan soup, salad, rolls 

Monday (5/30):
B: blueberry morning
L: salad with tuna
D: cheese burgers (grill) w/lettuce & tomato, veggies

Tuesday (5/31):
B: fast for bloodwork
L: green almond smoothie
D: BBQ chicken, broccoli, zucchini noodles

Wednesday (6/01):
B: spinach omelet
L: salad with avocado and hard boiled egg                                                                            
D: Beef pitas (tutoring)

Thursday (6/02):
B: blueberry morning
L:  salad with tuna
D: chicken Caesar salad (CAP)

Friday (6/03/16):
B: spinach omelet
L: salad with chicken
D: salmon, spinach, yams

Saturday (6/04/28):
B: blueberry morning
L: salad with chicken
D: CAP Banquet – taking Grandma’s Chili

If you are curious about "blueberry morning", it is a recipe that was originated by Yuri Elkaim, but I've tweaked it to be my own. It starts with blueberries in a bowl, pour some almond milk over it, and then I cover this with layers of ground flax seed, flaked coconut, hemp seed, pumpkin seed and sunflower seed. My husband says it looks like a bowl of bird seed. Well, it's good for my cholesterol and I find it satisfying. It's worth trying if you are trying to cut your cholesterol naturally.

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