Monday, May 16, 2016

Menu Monday for 5/16/16
Here are my plans for this week. You'll see they are not entirely healthy -- one of those weeks where I opted for "Make it easy; get 'er done!" over careful healthy planning. I should be posting a more thought-out, healthy plan next week, but for this week my guys will be happy! They like these meals.

Saturday (5/14):
B: blueberry morning
L: Salad with tuna
D: Chicken Caesar salad, TX toast

Sunday (5/15):
B: spinach omelet
L: salad/chicken
D: Dinner out (going to Becky’s)

Monday (5/16):
B: vegetable omelet
L: green almond smoothie
D: cheeseburgers, Brussel sprouts (Troop Meeting)

Tuesday (5/17):
B: cocoberry blast
L: salad with tuna
D: spaghetti and meatballs, TX toast  (tutoring)

Wednesday (5/18):
B: blueberry morning
L: salad with avocado and egg                                                                                               D: OUT (Anniversary)

Thursday (5/19):
B: spinach omelet
L:  salad with chicken
D: pan fried chicken thighs, broccoli. Mashed potatoes (CAP)

Friday (5/20):
B: spinach omelet
L: salad with tuna
D: hot dogs, baked beans (Care Group)

Saturday (5/21):
B: blueberry morning
L: salad with chicken
D: BLTs, shakes 


  1. Makes me hungry! I need to get better at planning meals. I have fallen off of that routine and I definitely notice it! - Lori

    1. It is hard enough to cook when I have a plan and everything is purchased! Without my menu planning dinner would be cereal or pancakes way too often!