Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Menu Monday for 5.2.2016

Running late! Here's the plan for this week:
Saturday (4/30):
B: omelet
L: Salad
D: dinner out

Sunday (5/1):
B: blueberry morning
L: leftover black beans and rice
D: French bread pizza, salad

Monday (5/1):
B: vegetable omelet
L: green protein salad
D:  creamy tomato soup with sausage, [grilled cheese sandwiches]

Tuesday (5/3):
B: cocoberry blast
L: creamy kale salad
D: salmon with vegetables, [noodles]

Wednesday (5/4):
B: green almond smoothie
L: quinoa chili
D: seared halibut, peach salsa and cooled potatoes

Thursday (5/5):
B: bone broth fast
L:  bone broth fast
D: bone broth fast [sloppy joes, green beans)

Friday (5/6):
B: garden green smoothie
L: southwestern chicken salad
D: Salad pot-luck at Care Group

Saturday (5/7):
B: Quinoa, egg and smoked salmon
L: Nori Wraps
D: zucchini pasta w/marinara sauce

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