Friday, May 20, 2016

High School Review Friday for 5/20/16

Weekly Wrap-Up
My son's first college course was finally completed one week ago today.

Saturday my son was set to take an "O-Flight" (Orientation Flight) -- a Civil Air Patrol "perk". It was rained out. It was the sixth flight he has been scheduled to take. It was the sixth flight to be cancelled due to rain, weather, pilot's broken foot, air plane's engine trouble, etc. ::sigh:: My cadet dressed in his BDUs (Basic Dress Uniform) but did not fly.

Sunday we drove the approximately 65 miles to visit our adult married daughter in the next state south of us. 
We enjoyed our visit, and ended with a dinner out at a little family restaurant called Blue Ridge Sea Food.

Monday night was our Boy Scout Troop meeting. Hubby is Scout Master; I am an Asst. SM. Okay, this photo is from our Eagle Court of Honor 2 weeks ago. I didn't take a photo on Monday night.

The Scouts fixed a pot hole in the parking lot and planned for a camping trip on Saturday. Two Scouts worked with me on merit badges, and one Scout had a Scout Master conference, a Board of Review, and a rank advancement.

Tuesday night we went to our tutor for Algebra 2.

Wednesday was our anniversary - our 37th anniversary! 

Hubby got me flowers and sweets.

We went out to dinner. The restaurant gave us flowers! 

We had some ice cream after dinner!

Thursday night was Civil Air Patrol.

Just kidding! It was Physical Therapy night and I don't have a photo.

Friday, evaluation day. As far as school work goes, it was a difficult week, hard to keep my son focused. Logic studies side-railed by a desire to paint his rocket for tomorrow's scheduled rocket launch.

Truth be told, the launch might have to be postponed. Weather is predicting 100% chance of rain! The Scouts' camping trip was cancelled -- who wants 20 teen-aged boys to be cooped up in tents in the rain all day with nothing to do.

I'm planning to meet with my quilting group to work on a quilt tomorrow. So, tell me about your week!

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