Thursday, May 26, 2016

Hovering on the Verge of Summer

Summer is almost here.The weather is in the 80's. Memorial Day is days away, and the local public school releases its captives in mere weeks.

I was asked to write a Summer Inspiration post on one of the following topics:

** Fun summer ideas

** Summer DIY ideas 

**  Beat the Summer Heat

**  Making Memories with your family

The problem is, I don't see a summer break coming in my house. A student has procrastinated, and I need to try to help courses get finished for a high school transcript. Were that not the case, I would be trying to clean house and declutter -- necessary activities I've been neglecting. I need to get my vegetable garden planted now that warm weather has finally arrived. (Yesterday was the first 80 degree day we've seen this year!)

Fun summer ideas? I see Algebra 2 and Calculus in my future, followed by housework and gardening.

Summer DIY ideas? My vegetable garden? The quilt I don't have time to work on?

Beat the Summer Heat? How about air conditioning, or going to the pool (which I don't have time to do).

Making Memories with my Family? I don't think I myself will be contributing to good summer memories this year.

How about you? Do you have a break coming up? Or does unfinished schoolwork loom into your hot, distant future? Let me know.

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