Friday, May 13, 2016

High School Review Friday 5/13/16

We've reached the end of another week. It rained today --14th day in a row! The sun is shining now. I have some grass I need to mow tomorrow, but there is an 80% chance of rain. Again. The cadet is scheduled for an "O Flight" tomorrow. I don't know if it will happen. It is the 6th time we have scheduled, yet he has never flown. 1) rain; 2) rain; 3) pilot broke ankle; 4) pilot's ankle was still not well; 5) airplane got a flat tire on runway, nose-dived and burned out engine; 6) tomorrow. Don't know if engine is fixed; haven't heard.

The biggest milestone this week is that the student, who has been taking English 101 at the local community college (a dual enrollment class) has handed in his last assignment for the semester. Final grade will come when the teacher grades the paper, but I think he will receive a B for the class. He has done a good job for a tenth grader!

Also dual enrollment related:
  • We learned today that he doesn't actually have to take the ACT or the SAT because he is already enrolled in the community college. He was admitted based on his scores on the PSAT and the Accuplacer tests.
  • His courses for next semester have been approved. He will be taking History of the 20th century and a second English course.
The student had a good week in Algebra 2. We have made progress in square roots, factoring, and formula memorization. His tutoring session went very well this week. I know how to do the math, I just don't teach it very well and I'm not very encouraging. I get stuck in a mode sort of like, "This is how you do it. Just do it! Here's your assignment!" Yeah. I think we will be able to expand out into a program called LearnBop to get more perspective on the Algebra 2, and next year the Geometry.

We did not make good progress in History this week, but the focus has been finishing English. Now that the student can focus more of his time on his History studies, I will be having him work on a portfolio of his History topics, with Notebooking Pages for individuals of note in the 19th Century.

We had fun this week with composer study and art as we finished up two reviews. More work could be done, but enough has been done for me to give credit, so I'm not concerned about scheduling more Fine Arts just now. I will be having the student do some Notebooking Pages of some of the composers and artists we have been studying. I am hoping to be assigned to review a program called "ArtAchieve", though. If so there will be more lessons, this time more on drawing and shading, shapes and dimensions.

We are working concurrently on IEW Poetry Memorization and Memoria Press Traditional Logic. Very good stuff! Be watching for reviews next week.

We have also started a novel called The Glass Castle that we will be working on. We still need to finish A Tale of Two Cities and Gulliver's Travels for our Literature credit this year.

Sorry no photos for now. Will try to put some in later if I get a chance. Happy home schooling!

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