Monday, May 23, 2016

Menu Monday for 5/23/16

I was planning to make sure this week's menu plan was healthier -- I really was! But last week was a whirlwind, and when I finally sat down to plan the menu I was uninspired. I think some of my choices are healthier, but this is not as good a plan as I had expected I would make. Here's the plan:
Saturday (5/21):
B: blueberry morning
L: salad with chicken
D: Hot Dogs, beans, salad

Sunday (5/22):
B: spinach omelet
L: salad/tuna
D: BLTs, shakes

Monday (5/23):
B: The Green Cleaner
L: salad with tuna
D: barbecue chicken, broccoli, biscuits (Committee Meeting)

Tuesday (5/24):
B: cocoberry blast
L: green almond smoothie
D: beef enchiladas, veggies

Wednesday (5/25):
B: blueberry morning
L: salad with avocado and egg
D: Terrazan soup, salad, rolls (tutoring)

Thursday (5/26):
B: spinach omelet
L:  salad with chicken
D: spinach pie, muffins(CAP)

Friday (5/20):
B: spinach omelet
L: salad with tuna
D: salmon, spinach, yams

Saturday (5/2/28):
B: blueberry morning
L: salad with chicken
D: ravioli w/Prego, TX toast, salad
Part of the plan last week got bumped by a day. Friday was crazy and we got pizza. That bumped all the plans out by a day, so hot dogs moved to Saturday and BLTs got bumped as well. Next week I have a pot luck event to attend; haven't figured out yet what I'll take.

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