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Privileged Species - A TOS Schoolhouse Crew Review

Review Crew
In early April I learned that we had been chosen to review Privileged Species for Review

We actually were given a list of videos to choose from:
Exploring Ephesus;
Torchlighters: The John Wesley Story;
Privileged Species;
Unbroken Legacy of Faith Edition;
or Flight AND Metamorphosis (people on these title received both DVDs).

Many (if not all) of the above links have a video clip from the movie, which makes it easier to know a bit about the various movies to decide if you would be interested or not in the content.

My son chose Privileged Species. So this seemed like an  enjoyable review -- receive a DVD my son wants to watch; watch the movie, and write up a review. Nice! My kind of review! Review
I arranged my schedule, selected a day, and it turned out to be one of those days when I found it to be difficult to get my 15-year-old, almost-adult-sized son to get out of bed. Can't drag a kid that size out of bed! Don't get me started... Finally got him to "his chair" in the living room.

I normally start our day with a time of Bible reading, but on this day I turned on the television. This was different! My son perked up a bit. I popped in the DVD and got it started.

I groaned inwardly and silently rolled my eyes as the video started with what appears to be grainy cell-phone video of "Bill Nye, the Science Guy" speaking before some conference, debunking "intelligent design"...

Fortunately, this was just a very short intro. Quickly the movie transitioned into a high-quality presentation that totally held my son's attention.

As the actual content of the movie began, my son really focused. He began saying, "Wow!" and "Wow!" He was amazed by the quality and professionalism of the video. He also totally enjoyed and appreciated the content, but it was the quality itself that stunned him.

To help you understand why, I need to explain that there is a combination of factors. First there is the fact that my son, over the years, has been the guinnea pig for so many media products, and many of them have been of ... ::ahem:: a lesser quality than he wants to watch. Some products have been high quality, but he finished the viewing or listening with, "I'm glad I listened to (watched) that, but I don't ever want to listen to (watch) it again, so you can pass it along to someone else." (There are no younger siblings in this house.)

This DVD left him saying, "You can wake me up by having me watch this every day!"

The other factor affecting the way he judged this DVD is that he is a budding videographer/video editor. He brought his own experience in as he gave this DVD a raving review. So, unlike many products we receive, use or view or listen to and then pass along, this DVD will be staying awhile. 

So I mentioned there are video trailers of most of the above-mentioned movies. Here's the trailer for Privileged Species:

My son will probably want to see more DVDs offered by FishFlix. They have a lot of titles available, not only the above-listed titles we had to select from for our review.

So, this movie about intelligent design has gotten a huge, raving four thumbs up in this house from my son and I. (Hubby hasn't seen it yet.) If you are considering a movie to show to your students that will teach intelligent design, one that will really make a lasting impression on your students, this one is a good one to select!

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