Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Di's Favorite Three - from home

Barb, from Harmony Fine Arts, posted her favorite three for this week and challenged her readers to do the same and send her the link. I liked that idea, so here is my link-up.

1. I am loving my morning java -- I am sipping it now. I drink it black, and I like it in my big Starbuck's mug that my daughter brought back to me from the Seattle Starbuck's.

2. I am totally loving my spring flowers, which we finally have here in the Northern mid-Atlantic States.

purple bearded iris

                                     beautiful begonia!


Lily of the Valley
      Mountain Laurel, and


3. A fabulous writing program that I am working on with my son, to review:

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  1. Love your three things...especially the flowers. :)