Monday, June 2, 2014

Menu Monday - 6/2/14

Here's my vegan/carnivore blend menu plan for this week:

Sunday: (6/1)
To be determined
Monday: (6/2)
honey roasted chicken, rice, green beans

Tuesday: (6/3)
JD – Cub Scout event, hot dogs, etc. (Amy's)

Wednesday: (6/4)
Beef enchiladas, salad, chips (veggie crumble enchiladas or bean burritoes-no cheese); vegetarian refried beans

Thursday: (6/5)
black bean salsa soup; salad; rolls

Friday: (6/6)
Pork chops; Steamed zucchini; Speedy International Stew

Saturday: (6/7)
Lasagne roll-ups; salad; Italian Bread (whole wheat lasagne rolls (contains dairy); salad

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