Saturday, June 21, 2014

Friday Wrap Up - 6/20/14

This week included work in products that are in our home for review. Miner is currently taking a break from Math. Studies included:

  • Finishing studies in Genesis and beginning studies in Exodus in Veritas Press's Omnibus I;
  • Studies in Moving Beyond the Page: Einstein Adds a New Dimension;
  • Studies in Moving Beyond the Page: Literature Unit - Language Arts Package: The Age of Discovery;
  • Home School Piano lessons.
We have also been getting ready for Miner to leave for a week at a Boy Scout Camp. Other highlights of our week have been:
  • Monday - no Boy Scout meeting! The troop is on break for the summer;
  • Tuesday - no Cub Scout meeting! The Cub Scouts had day camp this week and did not having an evening meeting.
  • Wednesday - Mom had work done on a crown and left the dentist with a sore jaw and sore gums (from all the Novocaine shots).
  • Thursday - Mom had physical therapy, and some of yesterday's muscle knots were also addressed. Miner got a much-needed hair cut.
  • Friday - Miner had an orthodontist appointment. (This is a big deal because the drive  is about an hour and ten minutes each way.) He got heavier wires and new ligatures. His mouth is now sore. Just in time for Boy Scout camp! Mom mowed a lawn. Miner finally spent some time packing for Scout camp (late into the night). (Mom will be checking the packing. Mom wanted Miner to pack while Mom was in the room--team work, going over the list together. ::sigh::) Oh, and a new book arrived for my enjoyment and review: 
    I've already started reading. Can't wait to get into the real meat!
So there will be no "Weekly Review" next week. Miner will be away, and there will be nothing I can report in the way of "What we did this week..." I mean, if someone wants me to I can write an entry on "What I did while Miner was away...". He leaves Sunday, returns Saturday. I hope he has a wonderful time!

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