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Efraimson-Holien family

Before I begin, I need to update the Efraimson 1-2-3-4 post. I will just do the update on the original post, but I am telling you here so you can go check out the updates.

Where I left off my last post, John (1858-1938) and Liisa Kaisa Efraimson (1857 - 1935)  had 13 children, one of whom died in infancy.
John and Liisa Efraimson's 2nd born, Alfred Efraimson (1880 - 1971) (my maternal/maternal great grandfather) was born in Lake Norden, South Dakota. He married Emma S. Savilahti (1881 - 1945), and together they had 12 children. 

Alfred Efraimson (1880 - 1971) and Emma Savilahti (1881 - 1945) met at a mining camp at the Iron Range Mountains in Minnesota. Alfred was staying at a boarding house where Emma worked. They married in 1903 or 1904, and their first child, my grandmother, was born 10/13/1905. Their 2nd child, Jennie, was also born at the mining town, but then the miners went on strike and Alfred couldn't work. He stuck it out in Minnesota for awhile, but then decided to head west to see if he could find work on a farm. They settled in Perth, North Dakota, where he worked on a farm that eventually became his own. Here were their children:
  • Eina Esther Efraimson (my grandmother) (10/16/1905 to 4/6/2004, born in Minnesota, died in Florida) 

  • Jennie Marie Efraimson (3/20/1907 to 1/4/2003, born in Minnesota, died in North Dakota);   
    Jennie Marie Efraimson
  • Eino Efraimson (9/27/1908 in ND - 8/10/1988 in ND);
  • Emma Efraimson O'Brien (4/30/1910 - 10/16/2002); (photo of Emma and her hubby Ivan O'Brien, 5/19/1908 - 5/1985)
  • Josephine Ruth Efraimson Larson (9/22/1911 - 2/4/2004):
  • Hilda H. Efraimson Gregor (8/14/1913 - 9/8/1997):
  • Arne Efraimson (abt 1915 - 11/5/1921);
  • William Efraimson (Bill) (about 1917 - 1975);
  • Viola A. Efraimson (Vi) (9/21/1918 - 11/24/2003);
  • Carl R. Efraimson (8/25/1920 - 2/15/2008);
  • Rudolph Efraimson (Rudy) (abt 1928 - abt 2005);
  • Rupert L. Efraimson (1/23/1925 - 6/28/2013). (Rupert was my grandmother's brother, but he was only seven months older than my dad!)

    I'm sorry I don't have photos (or even good photos) of all the family members. Donations from other family members are welcome.
    The firstborn, Esther Efraimson (1905-2004) (my grandmother) married Theodore Holien (1905-1942) . Their children were:

    • Wayne Holien, who married Mary Ann Walton

      Together they had Eric (1958 - 2005) and Mark. Eric Married Linda (mom to Adriane), and together they had Joshua Holien and Matthew Holien.
      In back on couch, left to right, Wayne, Mary Ann and Linda; in front left to right, Joshua Holien, Becky Malament, Kristin Malament; in front in dark blue stripes, Matthew Holien (I may have Matthew and Joshua mixed up, I'm not sure).
    • Carole Holien (1930-2008), who married Robert Hall (1928-2007) (brother of her sister's husband). Carole Holien weds Robert Hall        Together they had Robert Hall (1951 - 2013), Philip Brian Hall, Richard Allen Hall, and David Arthur Hall (Bobby missing from family photo below). The photo below shows, from left to right in back, David, Ricky, Brian, Bob, and Carole.HPIM1177   
    • Robert, Jr. (Bobby or "Greatful Bob") married twice, no kids. Philip Brian, known as both Phil and Brian, married Kathy Swartz, and they had son Madison and and son Jackson. Richard (Rick or Ricky) married Jane Horton, and together they had Jake, Trevor, Marlene, and Michelle (I think that is the correct order). David married Janice Woodhams, and together they had Jesse David Hall (1985-2010); Traci, Tami, and Brooke. Traci has two daughters: Harmony and Mikayla. David and Janice divorced.
    • ========================================================
    • Ida Mae Holien (3/31/34 - 6/10/07) married Herbert William Hall (8/25/25 - 4/10/06) (older brother of Robert Hall above, who married Carole, Ida's older sister).
      They married 8/29/52, and together they had Lois Elaine,
      Bruce William,
      and Diana Lynn.
      Then they divorced, and Ida Mae remarried to Emmert King Walker, Sr. (9/6/25 - 10/23/06),
      and together they had Scott King Walker. Below, left to right, back row is Diana, Bruce, Debbi (Emmert's daughter), Lois; front row is Emmert, Ida and Scott.
      Ida's firstborn, Lois, married Paul David Anderson (Photo is Paul with granddaughter Celeste),

      and together they had Crystal Marie and Joshua David. Crystal Marie
      married Alex Guy Thompson, and together they had Celeste.(Photo of Celeste and here dad.)   They divorced. Crystal remarried, to Paul Riedel,

      and together they had:Sarah, 
      a daughter whose name I don't know,

    • and a son, whose name I do not have...
    • Josh married Sindy Rasmussen, and together they had: Joshua Jr., Shane, Savannah  and Isiah.
    • -------------------------------------------
    • Ida Mae's 2nd born, Bruce, married twice, no children.
    • ------------------------------
    • Ida Mae's 3rd born was Diana, who married Rick. Together they had Kristin and Becky, then Jonathan.
    • Kristin married Crystal Tolle, and decided to go by the name of Max. 
    • Becky married Jake Bogart, and together they have a yellow lab and a German short-haired pointer! .

      • Jonathan is in 8th grade
    • Ida Mae's 4th born, by Emmert Walker, was Scott. Scott married Kimberly Marie Knutson,
      and together they had Alexander King
      and Emily Marie.
    • This photo is Scot with his kids Alex and Emily. See how much he looks like his dad, in the photo above him? Wow.
    • =================================================
    •  Last born to Esther and Theodore Holien was Larry T. Holien, who married Darlene Hanson (epic fail -- no photos). Together they have: 
    • ---------------------------------------------------
    • Julie Ann, who married Pat Clark;
    • ---------------------------------------------------
    • Amy C., who married Larry K. Moore. Together they had Jennie and Nelson;
    • ---------------------------------------------------
    • Cherl, who married J.D. Bentley. Together they had Andrew and Austin; and
    • --------------------------------------------------
    • Michael A. Holien, about whom I have no marriage or children information.
    • ========================================================
    •  This is the end of my most complete information on the Esther Holien family descendants. I know it is not complete. I welcome donations of information and photos, and then I will update it.

    • I'm sorry for the weird formatting. The blog decided to do its own thing and wouldn't take any orders from me. My next entry next week will be the story of Jennie Efraimson. I will be taking an excerpt from a booklet written by my grandmother. 

      After that I will make entries about others of the children of Alfred and Emma Efraimson, and will try to show family trees where I have them, like I did above. Donations of information welcome. Thanks for reading.

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